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Personification, Symbolism and Convention Analysis in Ancient Greek

The Ancient Greece has relation with many literary works, especially English Literature, our material which is being studied now. It is caused by its art that influented areas in Europe. In this paper we will show you about the Ancient Greece issues based on Religion and Art in Ancient Greece  by Ernest A. Gardner , in chapter VII.

The conquest of Alexander made the language and civilization spread over the eastern world  including the artistic of Greek  pantheon which then had been modified by local belief and other influence. In the result, Greek civilization, which is famous with its religion and art was very essential in the region.
Hellenistic, the important point of this issues. Hellenistic is sourced from Hellen, terminology which is used by greek  to mention their ethnic. Johann Gustav Droysen, historical expert from Germany said that it refers to the spreading of Greece civilization to other nation which was’t subjected by Alexander The Great. There are two tendencies in Hellenistic and GrĒ½co-Roman : academic generalization and excessive realism. For illustration, theatrical art was combined with academic work  and throughout are to be seen traces of eclecticism. Traditions in the fourth and fifth century was not lost, but they had succeeded to mix it with new inspiration and other sources. What’s the new ? What’s happened in Greece ? They will be explained below.

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