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Commemorating 64 Year Independence of Indonesia With the Multicultural People

All of you surely have known when Indonesia’s Independence Day. That’s right, it is 17th August. Now, Indonesia’s age is 64 year. On 17th August 1945, Mr Ir. Soekarno (First Indonesia’s President) publicated Independence of Indonesia with proclamation accompanied Mr Moh Hatta (First Indonesia’s Vice President) on Jakarta, Capital City. Surendering Japan to ally, maked easier Indonesia for the proclamation of independence. Committee Preparation of Independence of Indonesia prepared all about the independence needs fastly and indicated Mr Ir. Soekarno to proclaim independence.

Effort of Indonesia’s people to fight colonialist was hard. But they was success and we must give thanks to them because without them, we cant free from colonialist. They had colonized for three century by dutch and three years by japan. Some tactic they to do, they are with weapon, guerilla, traditional weapon from every region and sharp bamboo. With sharp bamboo, our heroes used it by jabing their enemy. Although with weapon that still traditional, they could defeated the colonialist because they want to freedom strongly. Since 1908, many young man made the politic organization which pioneered by Boedi Oetomo, B.O ( now we can say “Budi Utomo” in Indonesia’s modern language). Then it continued by many organization such as Indische Partij, Muhammadiyah, Syarikat Dagang Islam, Perhimpunan Indonesia, Jong Java and many young organization with one mission, vision and target, there is to freedom from colonialist and independence for Indonesia.

After that, every 17th of August to commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day at school, office, goverment office, bank and all building execute the ceremony. And many Indonesia’s people execute race such as :

1.Balap Karung : Run with the rice sack

2.Makan Kerupuk : Every participant eat kerupuk which hung, the winner is

Participant who can spend it quickest.

3.Tarik Tambang : This race divided two group approximately 5-8 person.

and mutual pull rope contrary. The group who fall in

ground or passing the border line that mean that group is


4.Sing the National and Heroes Songs

5.Football with eye closed and little space to see

6.And many more creatively.

On 18th many cities perform Carnival on the street that performed interesting and beautifull. There is amazing costume and decorative vehicle nicely and capture with showing individuality each region or province. And there is many show in many place such as :

1. Traditional dances such as Srimpi (Central Java), Pendhet (Bali) ,Ngremo

(East Java), Lilin Dance (Sumatera), Kupu-Kupu Dance (West Java), Serampang Dua Belas (Sumatera), Seudati (Aceh), Cakalele(Lombok), Ramayana-Mahabarata (Central Jawa what perform Prambanan Temple), Reog (East Java)etc

2. Traditional music and instruments such as Angklung (West Java), Gamelan (Java), Sasando (Nusa tenggara), Kroncong Music, etc

3. Traditional fashion and cloth such as Batik, Kebaya, Ulon, Songket, and more fashion from every region

What a beautiful Indonesia! So, for you who not yet come to Indonesia. Lets come here, the multicultural country and many beautiful sceneries here such as

Bunaken in Manado, North Sulawesi;

Borobudur and Prambanan Temple in Central Java;

Monumen Nasional / National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta;

The highest mount, Jaya Wijaya Mountain in Papua;

Danau Toba in North Sumatera

And many more.

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