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2012, Are You Believe ??

You know about “2012” issue certainly. It’s be hot issue now because some people, newspaper, news program and internet are telling about Doomsday on 2012. Doomsday issue was started from Maya’s Calendar which said that on 21st of December 2012 will be end of their calendar. Maya’s calendar has relation with Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. I can say it because some of news program on television said it. There are many opinion from that statement. Those are 2012 is the end of life, will happen sun storm, commutation a period of solar system and many more. Some peoples believe and other are not, especially doomsday which make peoples fear. They fear the awful of doomsday.

On November 12nd the “2012” Film displayed. Many cinemas are crowd here. What about you? Is there crowd too? This film is good and interesting with some effect graphics and sound which showed earthquake, tsunami, fire, crush, panicity and more. It is be top choice here. My friends plan to invite me to see it. If I get the ticket free….why not ?? hahahaha….

We are see this film for entertain us only. Don’t be afraid. As a human who created by God, we don’t believe it. Because no body know when the Doomsday will come. Which we feel now is sign such as many disasters, global warming issue, crisis, etc. After see this film, we have to pray to God and do something which best for our better life. Be grateful to God..

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