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Indonesian Heroes Day

Today, is the day which always remember from generation to generations. This day remember us to give thanks to all heroes who participated for freedom from colonialists. They fight colonialist with simple weapon bravely such as sharp bamboo . There is some question about victory of our heroes where their enemies used modern weapon. But all question only have one answer. Really? Yes, it a love to fatherland Indonesia. They want to free from colonization
Some of them fight with two kinds of strategies. There are open fight and guerilla. Open fight is applied on forest, hill or field. And guerilla is applied with sneak attack, usually they used knife or small sword. They explored forest and hiding on cave or bunker.

There is a history event which happened on Yamato Hotel, Surabaya, East Java. Many people attacked enemies on the hotel and changed a flag on top. The flag is Netherlands which consist of three colour. They are red, white and blue. Combatants cut blue colour on flag. So, the flag was consist of red and white, Indonesian Flag.

Their effort is success. Colonialists have gone and surrendered after signing agreement and confession Indonesia as freedom country. Government recalling their names with build some monuments, place, building and street name so that the young generation will always remember their effort. On Indonesian Heroes Day many students doing ceremony and peoples using Indonesian heroes’ clothes. There are local clothes, army and clothes which weared by Mr Ir. Soekarno (Indonesian proclamator). And they ride antique bicycle.

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