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Is the human existence replaced by technology ?

This question is something that bother me. I’m grateful because I live in the world when there is many things that will help us, especially some invention that was created by inventors past. We have to respect their effort. If there was no revolution of industry in France, we still live in ancient era. The revolution of industry has influenting in production activities. It enable people to produce efficiently. The point to note from this event is human like workers can be changed by machine. Because machine is more cheap than worker’s salary and it can produce more fast. From this issue, it wakes up me to write a article about “ Is the human existence replaced by technology “.

We must remain to give thank to inventors for their invention that help us in present time. But now, depended of technology is too many! Technology is helpful when we use internet for searching study material, send post with e-mail, go to somewhere with vehicle, using handphone for communicate someone to another, etc.

Unfortunately, technology has made people to be lazy, decrease of human
involvement, traditional way is being left and depended in each their activities. It appears like technology has controlled human mind. It makes someone arrogant, less direct communication with another people, breaking their environment, unusual habit, etc. technology that consists of machines will always need electricity. When black out is happened, some people can not do anything. For business sector, with its “time is money”, black out can make them harming. Worker is first thing who will feel.

So, the human effort remain important, most important thing. Let’s go home and use technology well, according to requirement and sufficiently. It’s useful to improve ability on traditional method which use thinking, technical, strategy and patience. So that human remain exist in their world. Using technology is still needed because we are in modern and industrial era, enlarging existence of technology has being daily life.

(Vilya Lakstian)
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