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You Don’t Know Indonesia ?!

That’s Impossible, Man !!!

I’m so angry, if I hear someone in overseas do not know my country. It is same with what I read in newspaper and magazine. They are only know Bali. In fact, Bali is one of thousand islands in Indonesia. It’s mean that they are behind the times. They can’t use this era to improve their knowledge with technologies. Whereas, the information is free and unlimited. Many facts about Indonesia that are written in medias and have relation with outside. There are some facts in my knowledge from many sources and reality.

Indonesia is the country where is placed in central of world. It is passed by equator line. In detail, between Asia and Australia Continental and between two oceans, they are Atlantic Ocean and Hindia Ocean. It must be seen when you see a globe or world map. Just open your world map and look at the center.

Krakatau Mountain in West Java Province was erupted circa the 18th century and its dust spreaded in part of world. There was dark for some days. There is opinion that this event was influenced in Napoleon Bonaparte’s war. In the same way, somewhere in North Sumatera Province that is called Danau Toba now. In pre-history a mountain erupted and made a large lake. That was Super-Gigantic eruption ever.

Some countries in the world such as Japan, Australia, America and other have their schools or universities teach Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language ) as student’s subject. Because Bahasa Indonesia is now together with English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and many languages in the world. It is supported by globalization where there is no wall between peoples in the world, unlimited space and time, plus Indonesia in Global Economy Organization.

Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos in his book, "Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found" , said that Indonesia is one of Atlantis where Garden of Eden / the Island of Avalon / New Jerusalem / the Garden of Hesperides ever, like what Plato was said. The fact from cultural, nature , location from Plato, etc.

My first president, Mr Soekarno / Sukarno had many good relationships with some president in the world like John F Kennedy in America. He was organizer of South East Asia Organization, ASEAN and Gerakan Non Blok (GNB) or Non Block Movement.

Batavia (Jakarta, Capital City), Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar and many harbor cities were international harbors when Ducth, Portugist and Spanish did expansion and until now, they are important harbor cities.

There are some points that will increase our knowledge about Indonesia. There is many more facts that you can find in internet, encyclopedia, newspaper, magazine, etc.



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