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A Coin by Vilya Lakstian

You're just a little piece of my rich
What can I do with you?
Not important thing enough
You are a trash in the ground

But you are a little heaven sometimes
There's no hundred,
without you

Thanks my Lord,
for this little heaven !

(Vilya Lakstian)

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Reda Taradipa mengatakan...

meh coment bingung aku vil....ndadak nggowo alfalink sik iki...wkwkwkwkwk

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The writer has attention towards Linguistics. It makes him focus on Linguistic research since he was in Bachelor Degree. He is now studying in Master of Linguistics. He is a researcher staff and Literature Division in "Balai Penelitian dan Kajian Sosial". He always watches and participates in many events, then writes them in this blog. He also develops his talent in music with Solo Jazz Society, a Jazz community in Solo, Indonesia. So, enjoy....!! Thanks

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