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Wake Up Everybody ( How to Pronounce the Song )

Lyric    : Wake Up Everybody  ( Verse 1 )
Artist   : John Legend with The Roots ft Common & Melanie Fiona

Wake up everybody
[weIk  Λp  ‘efrIbΛdI]

No more sleepin’ in bed
[nəU  mƆ:  sli:piŋ  In  bed]

No more backward thinkin’
[neU  mƆ:  bæk’wa:d  θInkIŋ]

Time for thinkin’ ahead
[taIm  f Ɔ:(r)  θInkIŋ  ə’hed]

The world has changed
[δə  ‘wərld  hæz  ʧeInʤId]

So very much
[sə  ‘verI   ma:ʧ]

From what it used to be
[frəm  ‘wΛt It  ju:sd  tə  bi: ]

There is so much hatred
[δeə(r)  Iz sə  ma:ʧ ‘heItrId]

War and poverty
[wƆ:(r)  end  ‘pa:və(r)tI]

Wake up, all the teachers
[weIk  Λp   Ɔl  δə  ‘ti:ʧə(r)z]

Time to teach a new way
[taIm  tə  ti:ʧ ə nju:  weI]

May be then they’ll listen
[meI  bi:  δen  δeIl  lisən]

To what’cha have to say
[tə  ‘wΛʧə hæf  tə  seI]

‘Cause they’re the ones who’s coming up
[kə:z  δeərə  δə  wΛn  hu:z  ‘kΛmiŋ  Λp]

And the world is in their hands
[end  δə  ‘wərld  Iz  In  δeIr  ‘hændz]

When you teach the children
[wen  ju ti:ʧ δə  ‘ʧIldrən]

Teach’em the very best you can
[ti: ʧəm  δə  ‘verI  best  ju  kæn]

Analyzed by :
Vilya Lakstian
Student of English Letters
State Islamic Institute (IAIN Surakarta)


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