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The Traditional Event to Preserve Javanese Culture and Realization Government Program

Now, age has been different. All of our life are changed by modern such as communication, transportation, fashion, working needs, entertainment and more. So that human choose something which efficient, accurate and fast for daily needs. With this reason, the traditional culture will be remained by all modern things. As good as whatever technology in modern age, we still need traditional value like culture, way of living, ethics, etc because they presented sign that human have a certain quality especially for young generation who will bequeath traditional culture.

Indonesia as nation that has various culture and noble value, the society have duty for watch over ancestor culture so that everlasting. For this reason, the government do various means. In Solo City, Central Java where has varios culture such as fashion, ethics, traditional dance, wayang (traditional puppets), gamelan (traditional music instrument), etc presented many Traditional Event, that is Mangkunegaran Performing Arts, Solo Batik Fashion and Solo Batik Carnival.

Mangkunegaran Performing Art is event which presented all culture in Mangkunegaran Palace, the one of two palace in Solo city. This event performed traditional dance and gamelan. This is interesting because beside saw the show, scenery in Mangkunegaran Palace is beautiful, trees and garden around the palace. I saw the show too. Committee prepare chairs on center of palace to all guests who want to see the show. I sit on there and took the picture. All dance which performed have story such as heroic, romantic, daily activity and more. After all guest saw all dances, next they saw wayang, (the story which presented with traditional puppets). This show performed from night until morning approximately 2:00 AM.

Next few days, this city presented Solo Batik Fashion. Batik is original typical cloth of Indonesia, especially from Java. Batik is cloth which consist of various ornament, usually with small ornament in it and colour like brown, black, white. This event presented on the way to Mangkunegaran Palace where usually held night market, Ngarsopuro Market. This is the clothing show on citywalk, all models with Batik Cloth walked on catwalk perfectly. Costume whom they wear had been modification with modern creation. All Photographers took the picture.

And Solo Batik Carnival is same like Solo Batik Fashion, but all models walked on through the Slamet Riyadi Street and with more complex costume. This was people attention, because they just exit from home and they could see this event. With citywalk on the side from road, people could bought some food which sold on there. All event here are realization from government program, that is “Indonesia Creative”.


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