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General Election for Indonesian Legislative Candidate

Two days ago, precisely 9th April 2009. General Election for Indonesian people called “ Pemilu / Pemilihan Umum “ is carried out to choose Legislative Candidate on DPR/Parliament, DPRD/Parliament Area and DPD/Council Delegation of Area. All is selected at the same time with 3 paper vote. There is fourty four party with all kind of goverment strategy and for realizing people aspiration because prosperity people become especial target. The General Election is materialization from embracing democracy understanding, which free to each and every have a notion. So also the transparent goverment. They give opportunity to students which have seventeen years old can join this event. Therefore, school put on holiday to support teachers and their students to join.

This election is different with before. Before, the vote conducted by making hole at the paper. Now it conducted by use the pen. Electors scoring out on the paper according their choice. There is more way to score out. They are at the picture of party or the name of legislative candidate. But electors should have enlisted in DPT ( Daftar Pemilih Tetap / List of Remain Elector ). They enlisting self data in government passing Sub-district gorverment. Then they receive the elector card and their name have been note automatically.

At the election day, people go to TPS ( Tempat Pemilihan Suara / Place Election of Vote ) in place closest. After do registration, they waiting in chair which have been provided. Comitee calling elector. They receive 3 paper to giving vote, then elector go to room for choose candidate. After that, papers are entered in the box and electors get the sign that they have been done, it is ink on their finger. Indonesian people in other state also do same. They usually go to the Indonesia Embassy in each state to participation so that relation with their country remain to walk. Different with other country, there after people joining election the famous mall , recreation place and shopping center giving them many discount for ticket and price if they showing their finger which coloured ink.

It is Democracy Country. Go ahead Indonesia!
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