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New Virus Appearance, Pig Flu

Now, all state are facing the problem of health. Yap! It is Pig Flu. They are in alert position. Because progressively day, more people are starting infected this virus. Spreading can be resulted passing by the air transportation from a place to another, so that the people who have this virus in its body can infect another in different place. If this people often go and do contact with other, how many one who is infection. if every state are not ready to prevent this virus enter their country, it can be global disease.

This virus is result of alliance human flu and bird flu. No one found they contact with pig. We can conclude that this virus is like human flu where the virus more fast infect from one to another. There is some of sign if someone infected :
- They have more than 39˚C in their body.
- Eye become red
- Stiff body

From some sources say this virus is start from Mexico where has many victims. There is found about 81 people death and thousand of them are anticipated have symptom of Pig Flu. Present time, many people are infected in America, France and New Zealand. In New Zealand, there is ten students who come from study in Mexico. What is happen ? All student are infected after the airport health department checked them.

Asia, now is more taking a care from threat of Pig flu. Some of state have stoped import the pig meat. In Indonesia, the government participated to prevent this virus to enter passing the airport by installed the temperature indicator in every airport. Because the people who infected have the high temperature, that is more than 39˚C.
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