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Age Formerly that is Impressive

Here doesn't mean us only see rearward, consider what is going on in the past best and doesn't see to the fore, but past is our motivation source in steps to the fore. Event that last, past figures that give byword and can to change world, and another positive.

Person behaviour formerly where did they look for inventions later applied in life is behaviour that has value plus because what found be a rationale in endure various need and activity other. Besides their services are to recalled.

With still there devices that still simple, they are out for produces easy device, hurry and help in their activity. Its like finding of electric, change world from darkness. Electricity, there's only one thing, but the benefit so vast. All electronic devices want it. Electricity has liked be main need in life.

There invention other like aeroplane, that found by Wilbur and Orville Wright or wright bersaudara. This realization from human desire in the world to how can they go from one place to another place with short meter without influenced by field. Previous, found Zapellin as according to the inventor name with the same purpose. Zapellin is air transportation that use look like big ballon on gas containing occupant place. Zapellin ever used in world war activity and transportation. But, this still assumed dangerous because potential gas to explode very big. Like intercontinental long distance trip insident the landing is done at San Fransisco, America because this big ballon is on fire. But failure more make ones formerly to then look for and dig deeper so that can create a invention that can be used for next generation. Then Wright Brother that continue air transportation invention with find aeroplane. Here's they know instinct are very big compared now.

They also there that is looking for identity. Like existence several understand that has every country. There socialist understand that professed by nations likes Russia and Cuba. This understand emphasized togetherness. So that individual freedom less is payed. They who rich distribute the estae in another person, " yours, is ours" .
Liberalist understand, understand that emphasized freedom and respect individual right. This understand professed by nations likes America and Europe. With this individual freedom existence, make people is wealthy. but social difference so glaring. because they rich for example rich permanent, and poor is difficult to changes.

Indonesia have “Demokrasi Pancasila / Pancasila Democration”, that is understand doesn't defend both, liberal or socialist. This original democracy from Indonesia. Because from history shows that other understand incompatible for compound Indonesia society. understand liberal and socialist always quarrel, like the happening of nerve tendon war between America with Soviet, that is" cold war" . Ally victory in World War 2 make them mutual show the surplus to show who is to be super power and be first one country win in second world war.

We also haven't forgetted to always byword national hero that shiver to oppose colonialist in indonesia proved many misery people. There multiform torturings by colonialist. Like forced labour work existence, that is forced labour is not paid and is not given to eat. Lhere also plant force, done by dutch indies with order people to plant plants that sold out in world market, this be far worse because the regulation is misappropriated to like people soil part magnitude to planted more expanded and the increasing of people tax. But the kindness certain will win, VOC (dutch indies property trade alliances) closed because the official a lot corruption.

Our hero always non co-operative, without wants to cooperate with colonialist, they always criticize colonialist actions. And do war, although still use simple weapon, but they have remarkable courage to finishes colonialist. there are some national hero so recalled society likes Diponegoro, Imam Bonjol, Hasanudin, Cut Nyak Dien, Ngurah Rai, Ki Hajar Dewantara that realize education for society, and Kartini that struggle in realize woman class equal right so that equal menfolk in general has liked in get education

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