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Readiness Of Health of President and Vice President Candidate

Yesterday after we saw the news in television, president and vice president candidates have experienced health test. This health test is the part of obligation to be President and Vice President of Indonesia. It is true have become obligation that a leader candidate must have the health of corporeal goodness or spirit. All addressed so that they have readiness in bringing trust mission to secure and prosperous of nation.

KPU ( Commision of General Election ) some times then have worked along with Organization of Indonesian Doctor to present this test. There are some test to experienced by all candidate. From the eye test, THT ( Ear, Nose, Red Lane ), Blood and psychology test that will test psychological of all candidate in determining policy that rational, goodness and orientating to the fore better.

They only waiting the result now and continue to submit their vision and mission. How and what must they do to facing nation that now still in crisis situation, even less impact from global economics some time then experience disturbances and obvious the influence until here.
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