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NIX 2009

National IT Expo 2009 (NIX 2009) akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 3-7 Juni. Acara ini berlangsung dibeberapa kota. Di Solo acara ini akan dilaksanakan di Gedung Diamond Solo. Ini adalah pameran komputer yang kembali hadir di kota Solo setelah kira-kira 3 pameran IT di Kota Solo pada tahun ini. Pameran ini menawarkan berbagai keperluan komputer baik Software, Hardware, PC, Laptop dan lain-lain.
Ok. See you there !
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The writer has attention towards Linguistics. It makes him focus on Linguistic research since he was in Bachelor Degree. He is now studying in Master of Linguistics. He is a researcher staff and Literature Division in "Balai Penelitian dan Kajian Sosial". He always watches and participates in many events, then writes them in this blog. He also develops his talent in music with Solo Jazz Society, a Jazz community in Solo, Indonesia. So, enjoy....!! Thanks

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